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Powering the next
generation of Movie Intelligence

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wahwah networks

Wahwah Networks connects premium display, audio, in-stream video and rich media inventory, alongside social and personalized media, to quality brands and agencies via a fully programmatic ad platform.


Meet The Team

Bill Hajjar

Founder & CEO

Demian Bellumio


Jean-Pierre Dodel

VP of Product, Musicgraph

Sue Sealock

Sr. Director, Product Development

Fausto Fleites

Director of Data Science

Qiusha Zhu

Sr. Data Scientist

Anton Antonov

Sr. Data Scientist

Anna Myullyari

Sr. Software Engineer

Hans Chris Boos

Chief Technical Advisor

Martin Varsavky


Lars Hinrichs


Luke Stertz


Javier Buzzi

Software Engineer

David Waizer

Senior Systems Administrator

Jose L Pimienta

Front-End Engineer

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